Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

We offer siding installation services in Grand Rapids & Lansing, MI

Improving your home or commercial building with new siding is a great way to boost your curb appeal. When you arrange for siding installation services, you can replace damaged, outdated or faded siding with something new. Turn Key Home Improvement offers fiber cement and premium vinyl siding installation services. Once your new siding is in place, we can also handle any future repair work.

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5 common siding repairs

If you notice anything wrong with your siding, you need to call an expert for repairs ASAP. Just a few of the problems we regularly fix are:

  1. Plant growth on siding
  2. Broken or damaged siding
  3. Places with missing siding
  4. Rotted or water damaged siding
  5. Siding with faded or chipped paint

One of our experts will come to your property to assess the state of your siding. We can then recommend whether you need siding installation or repair services. Contact us now if you need an expert to check your siding.